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Ataraxy is a body of printed works that presents the ingestion and digestion of the philosophies of Antinatalism and Active Nihilism, as well as the formulation of an outlook combining archaeological, environmental, and social research.  But contrary to its traditional understanding, this is not a nihilism that revels in nothing, but one that accepts nothingness as a springboard for the creation of new values. The work is comprised of three series of monotypes that lie somewhere between diagram and abstraction, serving as graphic representations of this process. While examining our earthly relationships, this work aims to situate our existence in perspective with the vast universe beyond our planet. It also includes an exploration of the implementation of micro and macro viewpoints. 

The prints, marked by a quiet aesthetic with rich silvery-black ink on paper, generally abound with negative space. A set of copper and plexiglass plates are used, inked up, and reductively drawn with a consistent vocabulary of marks and handwritten text. The imagery brings to mind space, scientific diagrams, dendrochronology, sonograms, and radar, using a visual language to point toward ideas of scale, perspective, and time. Ataraxy is not the presentation of a settled  philosophy, but the chronology of research as process as final product.

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