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Interstitial is a body of work about situation, both in the physical and emotional sense. It meanders through connections, relations, pathways, and the spaces between two entities. This work is a combination of printed matter, drawing, alternative book form, and installation.


The imagery was born of a recurring dream in which there are viewable but unreachable spaces within an architectural body. The feeling of not being able to gain contact with something in plain sight spurred an exploration of methods employable to represent the sense of being outside of something observable, and also the ways in which formal and technical application can be used to convey connectedness versus separation. 


Some pieces leave us in the intervening space between two points of entry, some put us in a position of relation – the opposing access point to another portal. There is a sense of fluctuation between a micro and macro point of view across the Interstitial works. Our individual, personal experiences reflect on a base level the bigger picture, and in this way the work can be read from multiple perspectives.

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