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Collaborative exhibition with Karle Norman at Raft of Sanity

Necessary/Unstoppable is an entirely new body of completely collaborative work. We distilled each of our practices to their core, which was a forge for a brand new visual language that combined, in equal measure, our conceptual frameworks and aesthetics. Where Karle’s work is figurative and representational, my work is often closer to abstraction - the overlap is in the subject matter. Karle considers the way experiences we carry from our pasts shape our internal lives and interactions with our communities, while I examine human history and relationships through the lens of societal evolution. Via simultaneous micro and macro viewpoints, the resulting work explores stages of life, growth, change, and the inevitable beginnings and endings that come with them.

Group exhibition at Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art, curated by Katie Hood Morgan

From Katie Hood Morgan's curatorial statement: 

This exhibition features artists whose works complicate and reorient our understanding of our place within what writer James Bridle terms the “more-than-human” world. These artworks ask us to shift our perspective and invite empathy in; to open ourselves up to valuing relationships over abilities; to elevate shared, interconnected life above the level of dominance of nature demonstrated by Boniface. The natural world has the potential to teach, heal, awe, and uplift, but only if we can embrace the challenge and invitation always present in the non-human world.

The Persistence of Practice: The Art of Mirabo Press
Exhibition at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, curated by Eric Jones

From Eric Jones's curatorial statement: 

In 2018, printmakers Bob Fleming, Rachel Shelton, and Mizin Shin, combined their personal interests and artistic passions to establish a hybrid print studio with collaboration, experimentation, and the needs of artists in mind. Part laboratory, part exhibition space, part family room, Mirabo Press has become a trusted destination for print, paint, and craft artists from around the globe seeking to expand their practice in the supportive embrace of a creative community.

With unwavering commitment to quality and in fierce pursuit of innovation, Bob, Rachel, and Mizin each pursue individual practices that explore traditional print techniques through contemporary tools and technology. Their individual bodies of work reflect their dedication to the tradition of practice- that which is simultaneously analytical, intuitive, and endless. Drawing inspiration from the crises that punctuate the rhythms of our contemporary lives, they each tackle the human experience through different gestures, materials, and processes.

Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color Resident Artist Murals
Produced while in residence at Albright-Knox Northland

Location: 714 Northland Avenue, Buffalo, NY

From The Buffalo AKG Art Museum's project statement : 

Local artists Julia Bottoms, Tricia Butski, Max Collins, Fotini Galanes, Rachel Shelton, and Phyllis Thompson created these murals as participants in a residency program hosted by the Albright-Knox. As part of the exhibition Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color (June 26–September 12, 2021) at Albright-Knox Northland, visitors could watch the creative process unfold and engage in dialogue with the artists directly. The murals here represent the final stage in the transformation of artwork from studio production to public display. 

Untitled (Proxies)
Permanent Installation at 50 Fountain Plaza